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Is anybody else having trouble logging in onto a computer?

My boyfriend has only been gone for three days and I miss him so much that it hurts my bones. Two months is gonna take forever I just wanna cuddle with him. Sleeping alone is weird.



Man, I fucking hate feminists. Strong willed ones, anyways. I’m not “pro-50’s” marriage or anything, but I have my beliefs. And as a young woman, I believe that the women should care for the kids (to an extent), have dinner ready for the husband/family by the time he gets home, and I believe that…

Yeah, you do that. I’ll be making a living doing something I worked hard for, having tons of respect and belief in myself after all our gender has been through, and helping other people. All while my boyfriend/future husband stays home and cleans, takes care of our children, and cooks ME dinner.


I would like to reiterate that this was a long time ago and I was very ignorant to the fact of what feminism really is. I will apologize for sounding like a misogynist piece of shit, but I will say that explaining that you’re going to find a man that will cook and clean for you instead of maybe you both controlling the house equally and finding good jobs to support eachother sounds just as worse as men putting women down. How about you cook eachother dinner? So yeah.